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PERFECT engages in designing, manufacturing, servicing cooling towers

and supplying cooling towers to the industrial, refrigeration and HVAC markets.
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Product Design

Our emphasis on performance and low maintenance continues to give

PERFECT the edge in every project design.
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Perfect cooling towers commits customer support both before and after the installation

Design & Engineering

We employ software design programs and CAD techniques in our engineering to provide solutions to meet individual needs.

Field Erection

Our erection crews are well-trained and have sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake erection contracts with full confidence.

Tower Inspection & Upgrading

We provide cooling tower inspection to investigate and analyze your existing tower conditions.

Welcome to PERFECT cooling towers

PERFECT engages in designing, manufacturing, servicing cooling towers and supplying airconditioningto the industrial, refrigeration and HVAC markets. We provide optimum cooling to every application. Experience in all phases of cooling tower technologies over the past fifteen years has required a tradition of flexibility and commitment to the needs of our customers. Since our founding in 1995, we have continued in this tradition, challenging existing techniques and technology to meet the specific and more demanding requirements for higher efficiency and higher performance cooling towers. With well over 10,000 towers built to our credit, PERFECT has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry.

Responding to environmental factors and an evolving stream of regulatory requirements PERFECT has undergone many changes in its fifteen year history. PERFECT was founded as specialists in prefabricated designed towers for commercial and industrial services. As we continued to meet the challenges of our customers, for higher efficiency and greater volume, we have developed our design process to meet the individual requirements of our customers needs.


At PERFECT we manufacture products and services that meet

Direct Drive Transmission
Eliminating the use of pulleys, bands and gear reducers; this reduces maintenance to a minimum.
Durable, FRP Tower Shell
UV stabilized and designed to withstand high wind loads.

Wide Access Doors
Large access doors for easy inspection and maintenance.

Low Noise Level
High efficiency fans directly driven by low speed motors provide low-noise operation level.


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